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Loads maps and creates new worlds.


/WLoad FileName

/WLoad FileName WorldName

/WLoad FromWorld ToWorld

Required permissionsManageWorlds
Usable from console?Yes
Introduced infCraft 0.400

Load map from file into a world. Can be used to create new worlds. Asks for confirmation in case anything is about to be overwritten.


/WLoad FileName

Replaces the current world's map with contents of the given map file. The current map is lost. Cannot be used from console.

/WLoad FileName WorldName

If a world with the given name exists, its map is replaced. Otherwise, a new world is created using this name and map.

/WLoad FileName WorldName BuildRank AccessRank

Same as above, but also sets build and access ranks for the given world, without having to use /WBuild or /WAccess separately.

/WLoad FromWorld ToWorld

Copies map from FromWorld to ToWorld. If ToWorld does not yet exist, it is created. Since maps are named after their worlds, this is essentially same as loading FromWorld.fcm

Supported map formats

  • fCraft (.fcm) - format versions 2, 3, and 4
  • MCSharp, MCZall, and MCLawl (.lvl)
  • D3 (.map)
  • Default/vanilla server (.dat)
  • MinerCPP, and LuaCraft (.dat)
  • JTE's (.gz)
  • Indev (.mclevel) - finite maps only
  • Myne, MyneCraft, Hyvebuild, and iCraft (directory)
  • Opticraft (.save)

Related commands

  • /Gen - Generates a new map file.
  • /WAccess - Allows controlling access to a world.
  • /WBuild - Allows controlling building rights on a world.
  • /WSet - Allows changing some of worlds' misc settings.
  • /WUnload - Unloads a world.
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