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"System.DllNotFoundException:" -or- "System.EntryPointNotFoundException: CreateZStream"

libMonoPosixHelper is a Mono library that provides compression functionality. If you installed Mono via a package manager, make sure that libmono-posix2.0-cil package is installed. If you built or configured your own copy of Mono, make sure that LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes Mono's library path (use find / -name to locate Mono's library path).

Server does not show up on list

Make sure that server is public. Open ConfigGUI, select "General" tab, set Visibility to "Public" (or set IsPublic to true in config.xml).

"Error getting response stream (Write: The authentication or decryption has failed.): SendFailure"

Common problem for Mono users. You need to import certificates for Mono to work with HTTPS. See replies to this StackOverflow question to import certificates properly. Alternatively, set BypassHttpsCertificateValidation config key to "true" (slightly less safe).

No one can connect to my server / "Unable to reach server"

  • If your server does not have direct internet access (e.g. if it is connected through a router), you will need to forward the port to allow external players to connect. Default port is 25565. ConfigGUI includes a little tool for checking whether the port is forwarded properly - click the [Check] button next to port number setting, on "General" tab. Of course, the only way to be sure that port is forwarded properly is to ask someone remote to try joining your server.
  • If you have a firewall or an "internet security" suite of some sort, make sure that fCraft is granted the appropriate permissions. If your server is still not connectible, try disabling the firewall.

"Could not verify player name"

Verification problems occur when your fCraft server cannot verify identity of connecting players. Here are some things that may cause or fix verification problems:

  1. If is offline or slow, wait for it to stabilize.
  2. If is working but you still cant verify name, log out then log back in.
  3. Try restarting your server. Wait a couple minutes before trying to connect to a newly-restarted server (to give your server time to synchronize with
  4. If you are using WoM client's "Resume" function, which uses cached verification information, try using the proper log-in procedure in WoM instead. The "Resume" function only works as long as your IP does not change and as long as the server does not restart.
  5. If you are using WoM and connecting with a bookmark, make sure that the bookmarked address starts with "" and not "mc://...". Addresses in the form "mc://" are temporary, and will stop working whenever the server is restarted.

"Unacceptable player name"'s play page has a known bug that sometimes sends emails instead of usernames to Minecraft clients. We're waiting for Mojang to fix it. If you experience this issue, please contact Tobias Mollstam via email or twitter, to remind him that this needs fixing. Meanwhile, fCraft 0.640 includes a workaround that will allow players with messed-up account to connect.

I cannot connect to my own server (from the same PC)

To join a server that's hosted on the same machine, you have two options:

  1. Add ?override=true parameter to the server URL: ( fill in the blank with your server hash).
  2. Connect to your server directly, by IP/port: (fill in the blank with your port number).

Other players cannot connect from LAN

Minecraft client has a lot of trouble working on LAN. You probably will not be able to connect via the public URL. Fortunately, there is a workaround:

  1. Enable "Allow connections from LAN without verification" checkbox in ConfigGUI's "Security" tab (or set AllowUnverifiedLAN to "true" in config.xml). Note that may potentially allow LAN players to impersonate each other's account names, but you don't have much choice here.
  2. Find the local IP address of the server:
    • In Windows XP+, go to Start -> type "cmd" to open a terminal -> type ipconfig. The address you need is labeled "IPv4 Address" under "Local Area Connection".
    • In Unix/Linux, use ifconfig utility.
  3. Have other LAN players connect to (fill in blanks with your server's IP address and port).

How do I promote myself to the highest rank?

Type the following in console (either ServerGUI or ServerCLI): /promote YourPlayerName DesiredRank

I made changes to the server configuration, but changes didn't apply

fCraft can pick up most changes without requiring a restart. Use /Reload config command to reload. However, some things require a full restart:

  • Ranks
  • Worlds
  • IRC settings
  • Enabling/disabling BlockDB

Make sure that ConfigGUI is in the same folder as the rest of the server files. Also note that changes to settings are not saved until you hit "OK" or "Apply" in ConfigGUI.

I added/deleted/edited worlds in ConfigGUI, but server changes didn't apply

fCraft cannot apply changes to worlds.xml without a full restart. Also, any changes to the world list made while the server is running may be overwritten. Because of this, you must shut down the server (ServerGUI or ServerCLI) before making changes to the world list from ConfigGUI.

Memory usage keeps going up under Mono

If you are using Mono 2.6.x or earlier, you are out of luck. If you are running 2.8+, try running mono with SGen (generational garbage collection) enabled, like this: mono --gc=sgen ServerCLI.exe or mono-sgen ServerCLI.exe. If you've tried everything and cannot get Mono memory usage under control, try setting the RestartInterval config key to make the server restart itself every once in a while. Mono 3.0+ has SGen enabled by default.

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