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Creates a torus out of blocks.



/Torus BlockType

Required permissionsDraw, DrawAdvanced
Usable from console?No
Introduced infCraft 0.600
Torus usage. Red block represents the first mark, Yellow block represents the second mark

Solidly fills a toroidal area (doughnut) with blocks of a given type. After entering the command you need to mark the center of the torus first, then the edge of the torus. You can do that either by clicking the blocks (building or deleting works), or using the /Mark command. The horizontal distance between first and second mark is the circle radius of the torus. The vertical distance between two marks is the tube radius. The results of /Torus can be undone using /Undo.



Fills the area with the block that you are currently holding.

/Torus <BlockType>

This information only applies when command is used with the Normal brush.
Fills the area with a given block type.

Customizing /Torus behavior

  • The volume of blocks that can be drawn at once can be limited per-rank. See "Draw limit" field on ConfigGUI's Ranks tab. If you are editing config.xml manually, set the "drawLimit" attribute on the <Rank> tag.
  • Being able to undo a command requires storing a backup of an area of the map. This may take up significant amounts of memory. By default, fCraft limits /Undo to the first 2,000,000 blocks that are drawn. You can change this (or remove the limit entirely) via MaxUndo config key.

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