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Follows the view of another player.

AliasesSpec, Follow


/Spec PlayerName

Required permissionsSpectate
Usable from console?No
Introduced infCraft 0.600

When you "spectate" another player, you follow the first-person view of another player. This is done by rapidly teleporting you to the other player's coordinates. While you spectate someone, you become invisible to the target and to all players whom you can /Hide from. You may not click blocks while spectating. To end spectating, call /Unspectate or use any of the other teleportation commands (/TP, /Spawn, /Join, or /Patrol).

While spectating, you will be invisible to the target, although your name will still show up in /Players and the tab list, unless you hide. If more than one player is spectating the same target, they will be similarly invisible to each other. If you have a Hide permission, you will also become invisible to any bystanders from whom you'd normally be able to /Hide from.



Repeats the name of the person whom you are spectating. If you are not currently spectating anyone, shows the name of the previous target.

/Spec PlayerName

Starts spectating the target player.


  • Ability to spectate can be limited by rank. By default, you are only allowed to spectate players of your own or lower rank.

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