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Removes inactive players from the player database.



Required permissionsEditPlayerDB
Usable from console?Yes
Introduced infCraft 0.510

/PruneDB searches the server's player database for inactive players and asks to remove them. The command effectively removes players who only joined and left again shortly after. /PruneDB does not compromise security as, for example, banned or frozen players are not pruned and also ensures legitimate players will not get reset no matter how long they've been inactive.

Inactive players

The command deems a player inactive if and only if all the following conditions apply:
  • Player is not, and never has been, banned.
  • Player's last IP address is not banned.
  • Player is not frozen or muted.
  • Player was never kicked.
  • Player has the default rank and was never ranked.
  • Player been online for less than half an hour total.
  • Player not been seen the past 30 days.
  • Player has no active accounts on the same IP address.

Removing individual players

Warning.png Editing PlayerDB manually is a common cause of serious crashes, since a mistake is easily made, and is thus strongly advised against. Damaged entries/info may get lost forever. If you mess with PlayerDB.txt, back it up first.
The only way to remove other players for the database is to remove them by hand. The database can not be edited while the server is running (all your changes will be overwritten). The database file is called PlayerDB.txt, wherein each line represents a player. To remove a player, search for their name at the beginning of the line and remove that entire line. The database will adjust to your changes the next time the server is started. /BlockInfo will show a question mark instead of a name for blocks affected by deleted players.

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