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Notice.png Latest experimental build (with 0.900+ features) can be downloaded here:

This is a portable build, and can be used without fCraft.dll and fCraftGUI.dll

MapRenderer usage

MapRenderer is a utility, bundled with fCraft 0.630+, that can render images from map files. MapRenderer.exe requires fCraft.dll and fCraftGUI.dll to function.

Since fCraft 0.640, MapRenderer is multi-threaded. See --threads parameter documentation for details.



MapRenderer [options] "MapFile1" "MapFile2" "MapFile3..."
MapRenderer [options] "Directory"


Rendering a single map

MapRenderer "SomeMap.fcm"
Draws contents of SomeMap.fcm with all default parameters, producing "SomeMap.png"

Rendering multiple maps

MapRenderer "Map1.fcm" "Map2.fcm" "someDir/MapX.fcm"
Draws contents of all given maps with default parameters, producing "Map1.png", "Map2.png", and "someDir/MapX.png"

Batch rendering

MapRenderer -r "maps/"
Finds all map files in "C:/maps", including files in subdirectories, and renders them with default settings. Images are saved into each map's respective directory. Image filenames are based on mapfile names, with file extension change to ".png"

Moving out rendered images

MapRenderer -r -o="images/" "maps/"
Same as above, but all images are placed into "images/" directory.


MapRenderer -f=builder* "maps/"
Looks for mapfile names that start with "builder", draws them with default settings.

Rendering options

MapRenderer --noshadows -q=90 e=JPEG "SomeMap.fcm"
Draws contents of SomeMap.fcm, without shadows, and saves results to SomeMap.jpg at 90% quality.


Notice.png Options have alternative short (one-letter) and a long (whole word) forms. You can use either form: -a=90 is same as --angle=90

One-letter flags can be combined: -gswl is same as -g -s -w -l

-a=, --angle=DEGREES

Optional: Angle (orientation) from which the map is drawn. May be -90, 0, 90, 180, or 270. Default is 0.

-e=, --export=FORMAT

Optional: Image format to use for exporting. Supported formats: PNG (default), BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF.

-f=, --filter=PATTERN

Optional: Pattern to filter input filenames, e.g. *.dat or builder*. Applicable only when a directory name is given as input. Regular expressions can be used in the filter if -x / --regex flag is given.

-g, --nogradient

Optional: Disables altitude-based gradient/shading on terrain.

-i=, --importer=FORMAT

Optional: Converter used for importing/loading maps. Available formats:
  • Auto - default; tries to determine file type automatically
  • Classic (.dat or .mine) - Minecraft Classic and SurvivalTest maps
  • ClassicWorld (.cw) - used by ClassiCube and fCraft 0.900+ (new in 0.900)
  • D3 (.map)
  • D3Folder (folder) - used by newer versions of D3 server (new in 0.900)
  • FCMv2 (.fcm) - used by fCraft prior to version 0.500
  • FCMv3 (.fcm) - used in fCraft 0.500-0.64x
  • Indev (.mclevel) - from Minecraft Indev maps
  • JTE (.gz)
  • MCSharp (.lvl) - MCSharp, FemtoCraft, MCZall, MCLawl, MCForge, etc
  • MinerCPP (.dat) - MinerCPP and LuaCraft
  • Myne (directory-based) - Myne, MyneCraft, Hyvebuild, and iCraft
  • Opticraft (.save)

-l, --seethroughlava

Optional: Makes all lava partially see-through, instead of opaque.

-m=, --mode=MODE

Optional: Rendering mode. May be "normal" (default), "cut" (cuts out a quarter of the map, revealing inside), "peeled" (strips the outer-most layer of blocks), "chunk" (renders only a specified region of the map).

-o=, --output=PATH

Optional: Path to save images to. If not specified, images will be saved to the maps' directory.

-q=, --quality=PERCENTAGE

Optional: Sets JPEG compression quality. Between 0 and 100. Default is 80. Applicable only when exporting images to .jpg or .jpeg.

-r, --recursive

Optional: Look through all subdirectories for map files. Applicable only when a directory name is given as input.


Optional: Region of the map to render. Should be given in following format: "region=x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2". By fCraft's conventions, x/y are horizontal coordinates (width/length), and z is the vertical coordinate (height). Applicable only when rendering mode is set to "chunk".

-s, --noshadows

Optional: Disables rendering of shadows.

-t=, --threads=NUMBER

Optional: Number of threads to use, to render multiple files in parallel. Default is same as your CPU count (e.g. 2 threads on a dual-core CPU, 4 threads on quad-core, etc).


Optional: Try ALL the map converters on files that MapRenderer has trouble loading. When enabled, ALL map converters are tried, including ones that do not typically handle files with the given file extension. BY default (without this flag), MapRenderer will only try converters that typically accept files with the given file extension.

-u, --uncropped

Optional: Does not crop the finished map image, leaving some empty space around the edges.

-w, --seethroughwater

Optional: Makes all water see-through, instead of mostly opaque.

-x, --regex

Optional: Enable regular expressions in --filter parameter.

-y, --overwrite=MODE

Optional: When to overwrite existing image files:
  • Ask - default; asks the user for every image.
  • Always - Always overwrite old files.
  • IfNewer - Overwrite if image file is older than the map file.
  • Never - Skip any already-existing image files.

-?, -h, --help

Prints usage information and a list of options.

MapRenderer.exe exit codes

MapRenderer uses a subset of MapConverter's exit codes:
Code Meaning Notes
0 Success
1 ArgumentError Required command-line arguments were missing, or an error occurred while trying to parse options.
2 UnrecognizedImporter Given importer name was not recognized.
4 InputPathNotFound Given file/directory name does not exist.
5 PathError Error occurred while trying to check input directory, or error occurred while trying to check/create output directory.
6 UnsupportedLoadFormat Given map format name ("importer") was recognized, but loading from it is not supported.
7 UnsupportedSaveFormat Given image format name ("export") was recognized, but saving to it is not supported.


MapRenderer is powered by a library named IsoCat (now part of fCraft), loosely influenced by IsoCraft.


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