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When ServerCLI or ServerGUI exit, they specify context in the process exit code/exit status.

Code Name Context
0 ShutdownCommand Server is shutting down, because someone called /Shutdown.
1 RestartCommand Server is restarting, because someone called /Restart.
2 FailedToInitialize fCraft failed to initialize (InitLibrary or InitServer failed).
3 FailedToStart Server initialized properly, but failed to start (StartServer failed).
4 Crashed Server has experienced a non-recoverable crash.
5 ProcessClosing Server process is being closed (ServerGUI was closed, or Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Break was pressed in ServerCLI).
6 RestartTimer RestartInterval timer triggered.
7 RestartForUpdate Updater should be ran, then server should be restarted.
8 ShutdownForUpdate Updater should be ran, then server should NOT be restarted.


The restart exit codes are honoured even if the --norestart option is specified.
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