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Normally you should use ConfigGUI to edit the parameters. But if you're feeling adventurous, you could try editing it by hand. Below is a list of all configuration keys in config.xml. Edit at your own risk!

See also: config version history.



Key Type Default Description Restrictions
ServerName String "Custom Minecraft Server (fCraft)" The name of the server, as shown on the welcome screen and the official server list (if server is public). Between 1 and 64 characters long.
MOTD String "Welcome to the server!" MOTD (Message Of The Day) is a message shown to connecting players right under the server name. It may be left blank. If WoMEnableEnvExtensions is enabled, non-WoM users will not see this. Between 0 and 64 characters long.
MaxPlayers Integer 20 Maximum number of players on the server. Having more players uses more RAM and more bandwidth. If a player's rank is given a "reserved slot" on the server, they can join even if server is full. Between 1 and 1000.
MaxPlayersPerWorld Integer 20 Maximum number of players allowed to be on the same world at the same time. Minecraft protocol limits total number of players per world to 128. Note that having more people on a world increases everyone's bandwidth use. Between 1 and 128.
DefaultRank Rank Blank ("lowest rank") New players will be assigned this rank by default. It's generally a good idea not to give new players many powers until they prove themselves trustworthy. Full rank name. Leave blank for "lowest rank."
IsPublic True/False False Public servers are listed on server list, so expect random players to join. Private servers can only be joined by players who already know the server port/address or URL. Note that the URL changes if your computer's IP or server's port change. "True" or "False"
Port Integer 25565 Port number on your local machine that fCraft uses to listen for incoming connections. If you are behind a router, you may need to set up port forwarding. You may also need to add a firewall exception for ServerGUI/ServerCLI/ConfigGUI. Note that your server's URL will change if you change the port number. Between 1 and 65535.
UploadBandwidth Integer (KB/s) 100 Total available upload bandwidth, in kilobytes per second (KB/s). This number is used to pace drawing commands to prevent server from overwhelming the Internet connection with data. Between 1 and 32767.


Key Type Default Description Restrictions
RankColorsInChat True/False True Whether to color player names in chat and in-game based on their rank. "True" or "False"
RankColorsInWorldNames True/False True Whether to color world names in chat based on their build/access permissions. "True" or "False"
RankPrefixesInChat True/False False Whether to show rank prefixes in chat before player names. This can be used to set up IRC-style "+" and "@" prefixes for ops. "True" or "False"
RankPrefixesOnDisplayedNames True/False False Whether to prepend rank prefixes to players with a custom DisplayedName set. "True" or "False"
RankPrefixesInList True/False False Whether to show prefixes in the player list. As a side-effect, Minecraft client will not show custom skins for players with prefixed names. "True" or "False"
ShowConnectionMessages True/False True Whether to announce players joining or leaving the server in chat. "True" or "False"
ShowJoinedWorldMessages True/False True Whether to show messages when players change worlds. "True" or "False"
SystemMessageColor Color Yellow (E) Color of normal system messages (e.g. command feedback). Color code or name.
HelpColor Color Lime (A) Color of command usage examples in help. Color code or name.
SayColor Color Green (2) Color of messages produced by /Say command. Color code or name.
AnnouncementColor Color Green (2) Color of announcements and rules. Default is dark-green. Note that this default color can be overridden by colorcodes in announcement and rule files. Color code or name.
PrivateMessageColor Color Aqua (B) Color of private and rank-wide messages. Color code or name.
MeColor Color Purple (5) Color of /Me command messages. Color code or name.
WarningColor Color Red (C) Color of error and warning messages. Color code or name.
AnnouncementInterval Integer (Minutes) 0 ("disabled") Announcement interval, in minutes. Set to 0 to disable announcements. Announcements are shown to all players, one line at a time, in random order. Between 1 and 2147483647, or 0 to disable.


Key Type Default Description Restrictions
DefaultBuildRank Rank Blank ("default rank") When new worlds are created with the /WLoad command, the build permission for new worlds will default to this rank. Full rank name.

Leave blank for "default rank."

MapPath Path Blank ("./maps/") Custom path for storing map files. If you change this value, make sure to move the map files before starting the server again. If folder does not exist, fCraft will attempt to create it. Requires a full server restart to change the setting (cannot be updated with /Reload). If the command-line "mappath" parameter is given, this setting is overridden. Absolute path, or path relative to the working path.

Leave blank for default value ("./maps/").


Key Type Default Description Restrictions
VerifyNames Enumeration "Balanced" Name verification ensures that connecting players are not impersonating someone else.
  • Always - Uses only the main verification method. It can sometimes produce false negatives - for example if server has just restarted, or if heartbeats are timing out.
  • Balanced - Checks player's current and on-record IP address to eliminate false negatives.
  • Never - Dangerous, and may allow players to impersonate others.
"Never" / "Balanced" / "Always"
MaxConnectionsPerIP Integer 0 ("unlimited") Restricts the number of connections allowed from any one IP address. Note that all players on the same LAN will share an IP, and may be prevented from joining together. Between 1 and 2147483647, or 0 for "unlimited".
AllowUnverifiedLAN True/False False Allow players from your local network (LAN) to connect without name verification. May be useful if is blocked on your LAN for some reason, or your LAN friends are having trouble joining. Warning: Unverified players can log in with ANY name - even as you! Do not enable this on public networks. "True" or "False"
PatrolledRank Rank Blank ("default rank") When players use /Patrol or /SpecPatrol commands, they will be teleported to players of this (or lower) rank. "Patrolling" means teleporting to other players to check on them, usually while hidden. Full rank name. Leave blank for "default rank."
AntispamMessageCount Integer 4 Number of messages that a player needs to type within AntispamInterval seconds to trigger the AntiSpam warning. Set this to 0 to disable AntiSpam. Between 2 and 64, or 0 for "unlimited".
AntispamInterval Integer 5 Number of seconds over which the player needs to type AntispamMessageCount messages to trigger AntiSpam warning. Set this to 0 to disable AntiSpam. Between 1 and 64, or 0 for "unlimited".
AntispamMuteDuration Integer (Seconds) 5 Duration of automatic mute if AntiSpam is triggered, in seconds. Set this to 0 to disable automatic mute (and only leave the warning). Between 1 and 86400, or 0 for "disabled".
AntispamMaxWarnings Integer 2 Number of warnings given to a player (number of times AntiSpam is triggered) before the player is kicked. Set this to 0 to disable automatic kicks. Between 1 and 64, or 0 for "disabled".
PaidPlayersOnly True/False False Only allow players who have a paid Minecraft account (not recommended). This will help filter out griefers with throwaway accounts, but will also prevent many legitimate players from joining. "True" or "False"
RequireBanReason True/False False Require players to specify a reason/memo when banning or unbanning someone. "True" or "False"
RequireKickReason True/False False Require players to specify a reason/memo when kicking someone. "True" or "False"
RequireRankChangeReason True/False False Require players to specify a reason/memo when promoting or demoting someone. "True" or "False"
AnnounceKickAndBanReasons True/False True Announce the reason/memo in chat when someone gets kicked/banned/unbanned. "True" or "False"
AnnounceRankChanges True/False True Announce promotions and demotions in chat. "True" or "False"
AnnounceRankChangeReasons True/False True Announce the reason/memo in chat when someone gets promoted or demoted. "True" or "False"
BlockDBEnabled True/False True If enabled, allows edit information to be stored per-block. Enables /BlockDB, /BInfo, /UndoArea, and /UndoPlayer commands. Requires a full server restart to change the setting (cannot be updated with /Reload). "True" or "False"
BlockDBAutoEnable True/False True Automatically enabled BlockDB on all worlds editable by a certain rank or below. Has no effect unless BlockDBEnabled is set to "True" "True" or "False"
BlockDBAutoEnableRank Rank Blank ("default rank") Worlds editable by players of this rank (or below) will have BlockDB enabled automatically. Has no effect unless BlockDBEnabled and BlockDBAutoEnable are set to "True" Full rank name. Leave blank for "default rank."

Saving and Backup

Key Type Default Description Restrictions
SaveInterval Integer (Seconds) 90 Auto-save interval for loaded map files. A higher setting (120+ seconds) is recommended for busy servers with many maps. If disabled (set to 0), maps are only saved when a world is unloaded or when the server is shut down. Between 10 and 2147483647 seconds, or 0 for "disabled".
BackupOnStartup True/False False Whether to create a backup of every map when the server starts. "True" or "False"
BackupOnMapChange True/False True Create backups every time a world's map is replaced, by /Gen or /WLoad. A timestamp is included in the filename. When enabled, saves a copy regardless of BackupOnlyWhenChanged setting. "True" or "False"
BackupOnlyWhenChanged True/False False Only create backups if the map was modified since last backup. "True" or "False"
DefaultBackupInterval Integer (Minutes) 20 Default interval for saving periodic map backups for loaded worlds. A world is considered "loaded" if there is at least one player on it. This setting can be overridden on a per-world basis. Set to 0 to disable periodic backups by default. Between 1 and 2147483647 minutes, or 0 for "disabled".
MaxBackups Integer (Files) 0 ("unlimited") Maximum number of backup files that fCraft should keep. If exceeded, oldest backups will be deleted first. Between 1 and 2147483647 backups, or 0 for "unlimited".
MaxBackupSize Integer (MB) 0 ("unlimited") Maximum combined filesize of all backups, in MB. If exceeded, oldest backups will be deleted first. Between 1 and 2147483647 MB, or 0 for "unlimited".
BackupDataOnStartup True/False False Create backups of server data (PlayerDB, IPBanList, config.xml, and worlds.xml) on server startup. Backups are zipped and placed into "databackups" directory. "True" or "False"


Key Type Default Description Restrictions
LogMode Enumeration "OneFile" Log file organization:
  • OneFile - All logs are written to one file.
  • SplitBySession - A new timestamped logfile is made every time the server is started.
  • SplitByDay - A new timestamped logfile is created every 24 hours.
"OneFile" / "SplitBySession" / "SplitByDay"
MaxLogs Integer (Files) 0 ("unlimited") Maximum number of log files to keep. If exceeded, oldest logs will be erased first. Set this to 0 to keep all logs. Between 1 and 2147483647 logfiles, or 0 for "unlimited".


Key Type Default Description Restrictions
IRCBotEnabled True/False False fCraft includes an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for relaying messages to and from any IRC network. Note that encrypted IRC (via SSL) is not supported. "True" or "False"
IRCBotNick String "MinecraftBot" IRC bot's nickname. If the nickname is taken, fCraft will append an underscore (_) to the name and retry. Between 1 and 30 characters long.
IRCBotNetwork String "" Host or address of the IRC network. A valid IP address (without the port number), or hostname.
IRCBotPort Integer 6667 Port number of the IRC network. Most networks use port 6667. Between 1 and 65535.
IRCBotChannels String "#changeme" Comma-separated list of channels to join. Channel names should include the hash (#). One some IRC networks, channel names are case-sensitive. Cannot be left blank.
IRCBotForwardFromServer True/False False If checked, all chat messages on IRC are shown in the game. Otherwise, only IRC messages starting with a hash (#) will be relayed. "True" or "False"
IRCBotForwardFromIRC True/False False If checked, all chat messages from the server are shown on IRC. "True" or "False"
IRCBotAnnounceServerJoins True/False False Show a message on IRC when someone joins or leaves the server. "True" or "False"
IRCBotAnnounceIRCJoins True/False False Show a message in-game when someone joins or leaves the IRC channel. "True" or "False"
IRCBotAnnounceServerEvents True/False True Announce server events (kicks, bans, promotions, demotions) on IRC. "True" or "False"
IRCRegisteredNick True/False False Enable if bot's nickname is registered or requires identification/authentication. "True" or "False"
IRCNickServ String "NickServ" Name of the nickname registration service bot

("Q" on QuakeNet, "NickServ" on most others). This setting has no effect is IRCRegisteredNick is disabled.

Between 1 and 32 letters, a valid service bot name.
IRCNickServMessage String "IDENTIFY passwordGoesHere" Message to send to nickname registration service bot after connecting.

Replace "passwordGoesHere" with your actual nick password. This setting has no effect is IRCRegisteredNick is disabled.

IRCMessageColor Color Purple (5) Color of IRC messages and event announcements, as seen on the server/in-game. Color code or name.
IRCShowColorsFromServer True/False True Whether colors in server messages should be shown on IRC. "True" or "False"
IRCShowEmotesFromServer True/False True Whether emotes in servers messages should be shown on IRC. "True" or "False"
IRCShowColorsFromIRC True/False False Whether colors in IRC messages (both ^K colorcodes and &-colorcodes) should be shown in-game. "True" or "False"
IRCShowEmotesFromIRC True/False False Whether Minecraft emote keywords and symbols in IRC messages should be shown in-game. "True" or "False"
IRCDelay Integer (Milliseconds) 750 Minimum delay (in milliseconds) between messages sent to IRC. Many networks have strict message rate limits, so a delay of at least 500ms is recommended.

If the bot cannot send messages quickly enough, consider using dual bots (see IRCThreads key).

Between 0 and 10000.
IRCThreads Integer (Bots) 1 Number of IRC bots to operate simultaneously. Using multiple bots helps bypass message rate limits on some servers.

Note that some networks frown upon having multiple connections from one IP. It is recommended to leave this at 1 unless you are having specific issues with IRC bots falling behind on messages. This key can only be changed manually in config.xml, there is no corresponding ConfigGUI form.

Between 1 and 3.


Alert.png Warning: Altering advanced settings may decrease your server's stability and performance. If you're not sure what these settings do, you probably shouldn't change them...
Key Type Default Description Restrictions
SubmitCrashReports True/False True Crash reports are created when serious unexpected errors occur. Being able to receive crash reports helps identify bugs and improve fCraft!

The report consists of the error information, OS and runtime versions, a copy of config.xml, and last 25 lines of the log file. Reports are confidential and are not displayed publicly.

"True" or "False"
UpdaterMode Enumeration "Prompt" fCraft can automatically update to latest stable versions. If enabled, the update check is done on-startup. Possible values are:
  • Disabled - Does not check for updates.
  • Notify - Checks for updates and notifies of availability (in console/log).
  • Prompt - Checks for updates, downloads them if available, and prompts to install. Behavior is frontend-specific: in ServerGUI, a dialog is shown with the list of changes and options to update immediately or next time. In ServerCLI, asks to type in 'y' to confirm updating, or press any other key to skip. Note: Requires user interaction (if you restart the server remotely while unattended, it may get stuck on this dialog).
  • Auto - Checks for updates, automatically downloads and installs the updates, and restarts the server. May not work under Mono.
"Disabled" / "Notify" / "Prompt" / "Auto"
RunBeforeUpdate String Blank Command to execute (via operating system's shell) before the update is applied. Ran by the updater. Can be left blank.
RunAfterUpdate String Blank Command to execute (via operating system's shell) after the update is applied. Can be left blank.
RelayAllBlockUpdates True/False False When a player places or deletes a block, vanilla Minecraft server relays the action back.

This is not needed, and only wastes bandwidth. However, you may need to enable this to make some Minecraft bots work.

"True" or "False"
NoPartialPositionUpdates True/False False Minecraft protocol specifies 4 different movement packet types.

One of them sends absolute position, and other 3 send incremental relative positions. You may use this option to disable the relative updates. It is recommended to leave this disabled (it wastes bandwidth).

"True" or "False"
ProcessPriority Enumeration "Normal" fCraft process priority. It is recommended to leave fCraft at default priority. Setting this below ""Normal"" may starve fCraft of resources. Setting this above ""Normal"" may slow down other software on your machine. See ProcessPriorityClass documentation for details. "Idle" / "BelowNormal" / "Normal" / "AboveNormal" / "High" / "RealTime"
BlockUpdateThrottling Integer (Blocks/Second) 2048 The maximum number of block changes that can be sent to each client per second.

Unmodified Minecraft client can only handle about 2500 updates per second. Setting this any higher may cause lag. Setting this lower will slow down drawing commands (like cuboid).

Between 10 and 2147483647 blocks/seconds
TickInterval Integer (Milliseconds) 100 The rate at which fCraft applies block updates, in milliseconds.

Lowering this will slightly reduce bandwidth and CPU use, but will add latency to block placement.

Between 10 and 10000 milliseconds
LowLatencyMode True/False False This mode reduces movement and block-placement lag by up to 200ms, at the cost of vastly increased bandwidth use.

It's only practical if you have a very fast connection with few players, or if your server is LAN-only. Note that this may make the lag **worse** for players with low-speed, low-bandwidth connections.

"True" or "False"
MaxUndo Integer (Blocks) 2000000 The number of blocks that players can undo at a time. Only the most-recent draw command can be undo, so the actual

limit also depends on rank draw limits. Saving undo information takes up 8 bytes per block. If set to 0, there is no limit.

Between 1 and 2147483647 blocks per command, or 0 for "unlimited"
MaxUndoStates Integer (Commands) 5 The number of states (commands to reverse) that /Undo can go back to.

Increasing the number of undo states also raises the maximum potential memory use per-player.

Between 1 and 100 commands.
ConsoleName String "(console)" Displayed name of the Console pseudoplayer. You may use any printable characters, and even color codes. Between 1 and 64 characters.
AutoRankEnabled True/False False ***EXPERIMENTAL/UNSUPPORTED*** Enables AutoRank. "True" or "False"
HeartbeatEnabled True/False True Enable heartbeat to If disabled, heartbeat data is written to heartbeatdata.txt instead. "True" or "False"
WoMEnableEnvExtensions True/False False If enabled, allows changing worlds' environment settings for WoM clients via /Env "True" or "False"
IP IP Address Blank ("automatic"). If the machine has more than one available IP address (for example if you have more than one NIC) you can use this setting to make fCraft bind to the same IP every time. Do not set this key unless you know exactly what you're doing. Any valid IP address. Leave blank to let fCraft choose the IP automatically (default).
BandwidthUseMode Enumeration "Normal" Determines the bandwidth use mode. High/Highest settings will reduce jitter of player movement, but increase bandwidth use. Low/Lowest settings will introduce some popping in/out of players and increase jitter, but will reduce bandwidth use. Detailed options:
  • VeryLow - Very low bandwidth (choppy player movement, players pop-in/pop-out in the distance). All bandwidth-saving optimizations enabled. Player visibility threshold: 40-42 blocks.
  • Low - Lower bandwidth use (less choppy, pop-in distance is further). Player visibility threshold: 50-52 blocks.
  • Normal - Normal mode (pretty much no choppiness, pop-in only noticeable when teleporting). Player visibility threshold: 68-70 blocks.
  • High - High bandwidth use (pretty much no choppiness, pop-in only noticeable when teleporting on large maps). Player visibility threshold: 128-130 blocks.
  • VeryHigh - Very high bandwidth use (no choppiness at all, no pop-in). All bandwidth-saving optimizations disabled. Disabled partial position updates as well. No visibility threshold (all players will be visible simultaneously on supported clients).
"VeryLow" / "Low" / "Normal" / "High" / "VeryHigh"
RestartInterval Integer (Seconds) 0 ("disabled") Automatically restarts the server after a given number of seconds. Between 1 and 2147483647 seconds, or 0 to disable automatic restarts.
BypassHttpsCertificateValidation True/False False Bypasses validation of HTTPS certificates, for heartbeat connections. May be useful under Mono. "True" or "False"
MoveEmoteDotToEndOfMessage True/False True Moves the emote suffix from end-of-line to immediately after its usage. It's just a cosmetic preference. "True" or "False"
HeartbeatUrl String (URL)
Alert.png Warning: Use extreme caution when changing Heartbeat URL. Different providers likely use different player databases / accounts. It's recommended to wipe your PlayerDB completely after switching providers, to avoid issues with account hijacking and impersonation. There is no safe way to transfer player data between different account systems.

URL to send heartbeats to. This config key is added in case a server uses an alternative login/heartbeat service, such as

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