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  1. fCraft requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. Your system may already have it installed, and you can download it from
  2. Download a current copy of fCraft here: 0.644
  3. Extract the zip file into the directory where you wish to keep all the server data (maps, logs, config, etc).
  4. Run ConfigGUI.exe before starting the server and carefully configure the options. Your configuration will be stored in config.xml. You world list will be stored in worlds.xml.
  5. After configuring the server, you can run either ServerGUI.exe (GUI version) OR ServerCLI.exe (command-line version) to start the server. Do not run both at the same time.

Linux, Unix, MacOS X (Mono)

Notice.png fCraft has only been officially tested on
  • Ubuntu 10/12
  • Debian 6
  • MacOS X 10.6

If you are using a different distribution, use at your own risk.

  1. Download a current copy of fCraft here: 0.644. Use gunzip to extract it. Read the README file.
    1. Putting the PlayerDB.txt on an NTFS partition can reduce chance of corruption on unsafe shutdown/power loss.
  2. fCraft requires Mono 2.8+ (minimum) or Mono 3.0+ (recommended) runtime. You can download from, or (on some Linux distributions) install it through your package manager (like yum or apt-get). If the latest version of Mono is not available for your platform, you can build your own copy of Mono. Note that to be able to use graphical fCraft components (ServerGUI and ConfigGUI) you will also need libgdiplus (GDI+ library).
  3. If you're intending to run a public server that appears on's server list, you need to import https certificates to tell mono you trust them, this can be done by running mozroots --import --ask-remove as the fCraft user on your system.
  4. Before starting fCraft, make sure that it has read/write permissions in the fCraft directory. I do not recommend running fCraft as root - it is always safer to run servers under their own limited user accounts.
  5. To run ".exe" files with Mono, use the following syntax:
    Mono 2.8+: mono --gc=sgen SomeFile.exe
    Mono 3.0+: mono SomeFile.exe
Notice.png Consider using fcraftd script, made by Hellenion, to manage your *nix server!
  1. From here on out is roughly the same as on Windows. You can run ConfigGUI.exe to configure your server, and then either ServerGUI.exe OR ServerCLI.exe to start the server.
    If you want to run console-only on a headless server, the ConfigGUI probably won't work for you to configure things. You can run ConfigGUI on your local machine and upload edited config.xml and worlds.xml files. Alternatively, edit config.xml manually with your favorite text editor. Detailed information about config.xml keys can be found here.


Autentication/Decription failed for heartbeats

This recently surfaced when mollstam introduced https for, causing some trust issues with fCraft's heartbeats, especially under mono, since mono trusts no certificates by default. To fix this one must import certificates, with mozroots --import --ask-remove Mozillas certificates are imported into mono. This must be done on the user-account that will run the server, importing it as root does not apply it system-wide. (it can be made system wide with --machine but this is not the default for a reason.)

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