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Wiki Markup

For general information about Wiki formatting, see Formatting guide



Permission link. Makes a link to Permissions page, and shows the permission name in italics.
Example: {{perm|Build}} becomes Build


Required permission link. Does the same thing as {{perm}}, and adds the page to "Requires <PermissionName>" category.
Example: {{rperm|Build}} becomes Build and adds this page to Category:Requires Build


Links to a command, and formats the command name in monospaced font. Please use <code>/CmdName</code> in headers instead.
Example: {{cmd|UndoPlayer}} becomes /UndoPlayer
Example: {{cmd|Info|@Rank}} becomes /Info @Rank


Creates a notice message box.
Example: {{notice|This is an example notice}} becomes:
Notice.png This is an example notice


Creates an alert message box.
Example: {{alert|This is something important!}} becomes:
Alert.png This is something important!


Creates a warning message box. Use sparingly!
Example: {{warning|This is something SERIOUS!}} becomes:
Warning.png This is something SERIOUS!

Color templates

There are templates for each Minecraft colorcode:
{{ColorBlack}} {{ColorNavy}} {{ColorGreen}} {{ColorTeal}} {{ColorMaroon}} {{ColorPurple}} {{ColorOlive}} {{ColorSilver}}
Black (0) Navy (1) Green (2) Teal (3) Maroon (4) Purple (5) Olive (6) Silver (7)
{{ColorGray}} {{ColorBlue}} {{ColorLime}} {{ColorAqua}} {{ColorRed}} {{ColorMagenta}} {{ColorYellow}} {{ColorWhite}}
Gray (8) Blue (9) Lime (A) Aqua (B) Red (C) Magenta (D) Yellow (E) White (F)
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