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"Emotes" or "symbols" were introduced in fCraft 0.635. The characters cannot be typed in directly in Minecraft. Instead, special keywords should be used to insert them into messages.



Symbol Code Keyword
0001 {:)}


0002 {smile2}
0003 {<3}



0004 {diamond}



0005 {club}




0006 {spade}


000B {male}


000C {female}


000D {8}



000E {notes}


000F {sun}
0013 {!!}
0014 {P}




§ 0015 {S}



Symbol Code Keyword
0007 {*}





0008 {hole}
0009 {circle}


0016 {-}




001C {L}



007F {house}
^ 005E {caret}


~ 007E {tilde}


` 00B4 {'}


Symbol Code Keyword
0018 {^}


0019 {v}


001A {>}



001B {<}



001E {^^}


001F {vv}


0010 {>>}


0011 {<<}


001D {<>}



0012 {updown}


0017 {updown2}



Ranks with UseEmotes permission can use these in chat. IRC users may also use these if IRCAllowMinecraftEmotes config key is enabled (default: false).


  • Emote keywords can be escaped by adding a backslash (\) before the curly brace, e.g. typing \{<3} produces {<3} in chat. The backslash itself can be escaped! Typing in \\{<3} produces \♥ in chat.
  • Minecraft client has many quirks when dealing with emotes. Some of them require padding or a suffix to be inserted after the symbol to work properly. That's why you may sometimes see dots at the end of lines that end with symbols, and why with non-standard clients (e.g. Charged-Miners) may show extra space or symbols in chat after the emotes.
  • To insert emotes into messages in mods, use Unicode literals with the "code" mentioned above. For instance, to insert a heart (♥) into a message, add "\u0003" where you want the heart to appear. In the log file, in console, and on IRC, emotes are translated into corresponding UTF-8 characters. LineWrapper will automatically process your message to display correctly in-game.
  • Caret (^), tilde (~), and grave (`) characters were added in fCraft 0.642 to accommodate players using vanilla Minecraft Classic clients, who cannot enter these symbols in chat.

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