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Surrounds an elliptical area with a shell of blocks.



/EllipsoidH BlockType

Required permissionsDraw
Usable from console?No
Introduced infCraft 0.506

Surrounds an elliptical area (ellipsoid) with a shell of blocks, leaving the inside untouched. After entering the command you need to mark 2 opposing corners of the area. You can do that either by clicking the blocks (building or deleting works), or using the /Mark command. The ellipsoid will then automatically shape and fit itself within the specified area, and cut out the inside of it. The results of /EllipsoidH can be undone using /Undo.



Surrounds the area with the block that you are currently holding.

/EllipsoidH BlockType

Surrounds the area with a given block type.

/EllipsoidH OutsideBlock InsideBlock

Surrounds the area with a given block type, and fills the inside with the second given block type.

Drawing the hollow ellipsoid

Customizing /EllipsoidHollow behavior

  • The volume of blocks that can be drawn at once can be limited per-rank. See "Draw limit" field on ConfigGUI's Ranks tab. If you are editing config.xml manually, set the "drawLimit" attribute on the <Rank> tag.
  • Being able to undo a command requires storing a backup of an area of the map. This may take up significant amounts of memory. By default, fCraft limits /Undo to the first 2,000,000 blocks that are drawn. You can change this (or remove the limit entirely) via MaxUndo config key.

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