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The following string constants can be used in /Rules, announcements.txt, greeting.txt, and world greetings. They cannot be used in normal chat.

List of constants

  • {MOTD}
  • {RANK} - Player's rank; may include formatting (prefix and color)
  • {PLAYER_NAME} - player's own name; may include formatting (prefix and color), or may be replaced with DisplayedName
  • {PLAYER_LIST} - List of names of all online players that this player can see, including prefixes and colors (if applicable).
  • {PLAYERS} - Number of players online (excludes hidden ones)
  • {WORLD} - Name of the player's current world; may include formatting (prefix and color)
  • {WORLDS} - Total number of worlds (includes hidden/inaccessible ones)
  • {TIME} - Server's local time (depends on the server's timezone)
  • {VERSION} - fCraft version in use, only prints the version string.

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