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Repeating last-used command

To repeat the last command that you entered, type / (a single slash).

Repeating player names

To re-use the name of a player that you used with a previous command, put - (hyphen/minus) in place of the player/world name. For example:
/Info SomePlayer
/Kick -
/Rank - guest Demoted to guest
@- Following up on the last private message I sent.

Repeating world names

World names can be repeated same way as player names. For example:
/WLoad foo.fcm Foo
/WBuild - builder
/Join -

Writing long commands/messages

Multiple lines can be merged into one message/command by appending  / (a space and a slash) to continue a message on the next line. For example:
This is is a very long /
message that had to be /
split into multiple lines.


This is a very long message that had to be split into multiple lines.

Restricting name search to online players

Normally commands that work on both online and offline players search the whole database. This reduces the effectiveness of autocompletion. You can limit a command to look for only online players' names by adding ! (exclamation mark) in front of the partial name. For example, there's a player named "Derp9017231923" online, and you want to freeze them. If you do...
/f derp

...the command is likely to find a number of players whose names start with "derp" on the database. However, if you do...

/f !derp

...then the command will only look for online players, and find the one you're looking for.

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