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Bans an IP address.


/BanIP PlayerName [Reason]

/BanIP IPAddress [Reason]

Required permissionsBan, BanIP
Usable from console?Yes
Introduced infCraft 0.100

Bans an IP address, preventing anyone who tries connecting from that address from joining. When banning by PlayerName, the account is also banned. If any players are online from that IP address, they are immediately kicked.


/BanIP <PlayerName> [Reason]

Bans an IP address that was last used by the given player. Bans player's name also. If a reason is given, it is displayed to the banned player, saved on player's record (can be viewed via /BanInfo), and may be announced publicly.

/BanIP <IPAddress> [Reason]

Same as above, but the IP address is typed in directly. Does not ban any associated player accounts (see /BanAll for that).

Customizing /BanIP behavior

  • Ability to ban can be limited per-rank. By default, players with Ban permission may only ban players of their own rank or lower.
  • If RequireBanReason setting is enabled (default: false), players are required to provide a reason.
  • If AnnounceKickAndBanReasons setting is enabled (default: true), ban reasons are announced in global chat.

Related commands

  • /Ban - Bans a player by name.
  • /BanAll - Bans an IP, and all accounts on it.
  • /BanInfo - Shows a player's ban record.
  • /BanEx - Excludes a player from being banned, even if their IP is banned.
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