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Changes world settings.


/WSet <WorldName> <Property> <Value>

Required permissionsManageWorlds
Usable from console?Yes
Introduced infCraft 0.620

Allows changing some of worlds' settings. Allows hiding/unhiding worlds, setting/changing/removing the greeting message, and controlling backup settings. Unlike the greeting, announcements and /Rules files, Constants cannot be used.


/WSet <WorldName> Hidden [True|False]

Allows hiding worlds from the /Worlds list. Hidden worlds can still be joined normally. Set to true or 1 to hide, to false or 0 to unhide (default).
Prior to fCraft 0.620, this functionality was available through two separate commands: /WHide and /WUnhide.

/WSet <WorldName> Greeting <Text>

Sets a greeting message. Message is shown whenever someone joins the map, and can also be viewed in /WInfo. If no text is given, the greeting is removed. Constants can be used in greetings. Players with UseColorCodes permission can also use color codes.

/WSet <WorldName> Backups Default

Sets the world to use default backup settings. DefaultBackupInterval config key provides the defaults.

/WSet <WorldName> Backups Off

Turns backups off on the given world, regardless of default settings.

/WSet <WorldName> Backups <Time>

Specifies a backup interval. Times should be given in the compact format. Note that backups are only done whenever the map is saved, so this value is constrained by the SaveInterval config key.
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