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Promotes or demotes a player.

AliasesPromote, Demote

/Rank Player Rank [Reason]

Required permissionsPromote or Demote
Usable from console?Yes
Introduced infCraft 0.100

Promotes or demotes a given player.


/Rank PlayerName RankName [Reason]

If a reason is given, it is displayed to the banned player, saved on player's record (can be viewed via /Info), and may be announced publicly.
Note that autocompletion for the playerName is turned off (all names have to be typed out) for players with EditPlayerDB permission.

Side effects

When players are promoted or demoted, some side effects can take place:
  • All target's block bindings (like /Water or /Lava) are reset.
  • Any in-progress selection (like /Cuboid or /ZAdd) is canceled.
  • Brush is reset to "Normal" if new rank does not have DrawAdvanced permission.
  • Number of copy slots is increased/decreased, depending on rank settings. See /CopySlot.
  • Player is unhidden, if new rank does not have Hide permission.

Adding players

If calling player has EditPlayerDB permission, they can add new names to the database (names of players who have never joined before). You will be asked to confirm. This may be useful for preemptively banning players. For example, to ban account "Notch" (who presumably never joined your server before) do:
/Rank Notch guest
/Ban Notch

Customizing /Rank behavior

  • Ability to promote/demote can be limited per-rank. By default, players with Promote permission may only rank players up to their own rank or lower. Players with Demote permission may only demote players of their own rank of lower.
  • If RequireRankChangeReason setting is enabled (default: false), players are required to provide a reason.
  • If AnnounceRankChanges setting is enabled (default: true), promotions and demotions are publicly announced.
  • If AnnounceRankChangeReasons setting is enabled (default: true), reasons are included with the announcement.
  • If IRCBotAnnounceServerEvents setting is enabled (default: false), promotions and demotions are announced on IRC.
  • Players with EditPlayerDB permission can add new players to the database using /Rank

Related commands

  • /Ranks - Lists all ranks.
  • /Info @RankName - Lists all players of a given rank.
  • /RankInfo - Shows detailed information about a rank.
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