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Fills a flat area with blocks.



/Fill2D ReplacementBlock

Required permissionsDraw, DrawAdvanced
Usable from console?No
Introduced infCraft 0.610

Fills a continuous area with blocks, in 2D. Takes just 1 mark, and replaces blocks of the same type as the block you clicked. Works similar to "Paint Bucket" tool in Photoshop. Direction of effect is determined by where the player is looking: face the surface that you want filled. /Fill2D will ask for a confirmation if you click an air block. /Fill2D supports brushes since fCraft release 0.641.



Fills the area with the block that you are currently holding.

/Fill2D ReplacementBlock

This information only applies when command is used with the Normal brush.
Fills the area with a given block type.

Customizing /Fill2D behavior

  • /Fill2D is not affected by normal draw limits setting (drawLimit), but can be limited per-rank with a separate setting. fillLimit is the maximum number of blocks away the origin that can be filled. For example, a limit of 32, means that the maximum fill dimensions are (32*2+1)×(32*2+1) = 65×65 area. That includes the center point, plus up to 32 blocks on each side. Fill limit can be set via ConfigGUI, or by editing config.xml.
  • Being able to undo a command requires storing a backup of an area of the map. This may take up significant amounts of memory. By default, fCraft limits /Undo to the first 2,000,000 blocks that are drawn. You can change this (or remove the limit entirely) via MaxUndo config key.

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