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Changes world environment settings



/Env <World>

/Env <World> Normal

/Env <World> Cloud <Color>

/Env <World> Fog <Color>

/Env <World> Sky <Color>

/Env <World> Level <#>

/Env <World> Edge <Block>

Required permissionsManageWorlds
Usable from console?No
Introduced infCraft 0.600

Changes environment setting. Changes are only visible to players using World of Minecraft client 1.9+. Any time you make changes, rejoin the world to see the effect. Colors can be specified in either 3-digit or 6-digit hex format, e.g. #F60 or #214365. You can use a tool like ColorPicker.com to find a color you like.

/Env is disabled by default. To enable it, check "Enable WoM environment extensions" in ConfigGUI, or set WoMEnableEnvExtensions to True.



Shows environment settings for your current world.

/Env <WorldName>

Shows environment settings for a given current world.

/Env <WorldName> Normal

Resets all environmental settings to default/normal settings.

/Env <WorldName> Cloud <Color>

Changes cloud color for the given world. Use "normal" instead of color to reset.

/Env <WorldName> Fog <Color>

Changes fog color for the given world. Fog is not fully opaque, so color of the sky will shine through. Use "normal" instead of color to reset.

/Env <WorldName> Sky <Color>

Changes sky color for the given world. Use "normal" instead of color to reset.

/Env <WorldName> Level <#>

Changes the altitude/level of the edges of the map, in terms of blocks from the bottom of the map. Default is MapHeight/2. Use "normal" instead of a number to reset.

/Env <WorldName> Edge <Block>

Changes the block texture on edges of the map. Note that not all blocktypes are usable. Use "water" or "normal" to reset.


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