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Cuts an area of blocks.



/Cut <FillBlock>

Required permissionsDraw, CopyAndPaste
Usable from console?No
Introduced infCraft 0.472

Cuts an area of blocks out of a map (copies and then removes original). You may use /Rotate and /Mirror commands to manipulate the copied blocks. The removal/replacement of blocks may be undone using /Undo. Use /CopySlot to select which slot to copy blocks into. Blocks may also be copied/pasted across worlds.



Copies and area, then deletes it (replaces it with air). Equivalent to /Cut Air

/Cut <FillBlock>

Copies and area, then fills it with a given block type.

Customizing /Cut behavior

  • The volume of blocks that can be drawn at once can be limited per-rank. See "Draw limit" field on ConfigGUI's Ranks tab. If you are editing config.xml manually, set the "drawLimit" attribute on the <Rank> tag.
  • Being able to undo a command requires storing a backup of an area of the map. This may take up significant amounts of memory. By default, fCraft limits /Undo to the first 2,000,000 blocks that are drawn. You can change this (or remove the limit entirely) via MaxUndo config key.

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