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Bans a player by name.


/Ban PlayerName [Reason]

Required permissionsBan
Usable from console?Yes
Introduced infCraft 0.100

Bans a player by name/account. If the player is online, he/she is immediately kicked. Player's IP is NOT banned, see /BanIP command for that. If other players are logged in from the same IP, a warning is shown.

/Ban PlayerName [Reason]

If a reason is given, it is displayed to the banned player, saved on player's record (can be viewed via /BanInfo), and may be announced publicly.

Customizing /Ban behavior

  • Ability to ban can be limited per-rank. By default, players with Ban permission may only ban players of their own rank or lower.
  • If RequireBanReason setting is enabled (default: false), players are required to provide a reason.
  • If AnnounceKickAndBanReasons setting is enabled (default: true), ban reasons are announced in global chat.
  • If IRCBotAnnounceServerEvents setting is enabled (default: false), bans are announced on IRC.

Related commands

  • /BanIP - Bans a player by IP address.
  • /BanAll - Bans an IP, and all accounts on it.
  • /BanInfo - Shows a player's ban record.
  • /BanEx - Excludes a player from being banned, even if their IP is banned.
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