fCraft Community Portal

Server Software

Run your own Minecraft Classic game server using this free and open-source server software. Offers better performance than other custom servers, and contains many new features.


Freebuild Server

Official Minecraft Classic server of the fCraft community. Dedicated to creative building. Essential rules: No griefing, no hate, use common sense.

Creative Multiplayer Server

(Minecraft) Creative Multiplayer server offers players a relaxed gaming experience where you can unleash your creativity and build whatever you can imagine (within the confines of the rules, of course). Several rank-based maps and regular contests will ensure you're never bored!

Support fCraft

fCraft software development and our community are supported by donors. Help keep us afloat! See details and benefits.

Survival Multiplayer Server

(Minecraft) fCraft.net Survival Multiplayer server offers players a team-based survival experience against hardened mobs and harder players! This server is the PvP and PvE style player's dream come true. Do you have what it takes?

Other Places and Services

General IRC channel:#fCraft on EsperNet
Official YouTube channel:youtube.com / fCraftOfficial
Official Steam group:steamcommunity.com / groups / fCraft
Killing Floor server:Connect to mc.fcraft.net or look for "fCraft.net KF Server" on the server list
Mumble server:Connect to mumble.fcraft.net
CubeWorld server:cw.fcraft.net
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